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Ustream seems to be having trouble with viewers that are using Internet Explorer. The result is a black box and a circle that continues to move around with the stream never appearing.

If you are using Internet Explorer to browse the web and are experiencing this problem, we suggest that you try one of the following solutions:

1. Make sure that you have the most up to date version of the Adobe Flash Player

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2. If that does not fix the problem, we suggest that you download and use Firefox. The download is free and Firefox allows for a perfect stream. This will correct the problem and allow you to see the Decorah eagles in their full glory.

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Welcome to Decorah Eagle Cam your one stop for live streams, videos and alerts for the amazing saga of the Decorah eagles. For those of you new to the craze, the birth of 3 eaglets has been witnessed live by millions and become a viral internet phenomenon.

Through the genius of the Raptor Resource Project a 24 hour webcam has been placed so that the world may watch the growth and lives of a family of bald eagles. We here at Decorah Eagle Cam have embraced this amazing opportunity and have put together content from across the world wide web in one place for your convenience. In addition, we have set up a system of alerts to let you know when the real action takes place.

Please have a look around the site and enjoy!

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