About Us

As lovers of nature, when we first heard about the live webcam, we had to check it out immediately. We were instantly mesmerized by what we saw. Being able to see into the lives of this rare species was truly amazing and educational.

Having learned late about the webcam, we had missed the live births and had to visit YouTube in order to catch up. In addition, while watching the live feed with some friends, we thought it would be nice to be given a little "heads up" when something exciting was happening.

So, we created Decorah Eagle Cam Alerts.com in an effort to celebrate this amazing experience and to make it easier for people to enjoy it as well. We have brought together the live stream and many of the prior key moments of the stream with video and added a little bonus feature: by signing up for alerts, you don't have to sit and watch if nothing is going on. We'll alert you when things start to get exciting.

Enjoy the site and remember to sign up for the alerts.